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We strive to provide a reliable and secure platform for horse owners to document their horse’s history and create a traceable lineage. Our registry offers a unique opportunity for Grade horse owners to have their horse listed in a registry that validates their ownership.The Grade Horse Registry is your go-to source for owners of mixed breed horses to register their horses, verify their lineage and provide proof of ownership. We have an extensive database and we guarantee accuracy, reliability and security. With our partnership with International Equine Registry, we take the hassle out of registration and provide our clients with the peace of mind that their horses are safe and secure.

Grade Horse Registry is the premier source for registering, tracking, and preserving the lineage of grade horses. Our goal is to provide horse owners with an easy and reliable way to register their horses and start their own lineage. We make it easy to register a new foal to your mare once your mare is registered, creating and starting your lineage. We also provide a secure platform to store records, including photos and health certificates, so you can always access your horse’s important documents. Whether you’re looking to start a lineage or just want to record and track your horse’s history, Grade Horse Registry has you covered.



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